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April 13, 2006

The Truth, Man – Like it or Not:
Made in Japan: “Movie Better That Way!”
Make perfect scents if you ask us, okay?

A Japanese cinema isn’t necessarily saying Colin Farrell’s latest flick, The New World stinks but they will use what they are allegedly calling Smellovision to enhance the movie viewers’ experience.

Nope, we're not making this up.

Depending on the film's action, scent producing machines installed at the back of the theatre will emit the fragrance of flowers during love scenes, peppermint & rosemary for emotional segments, and et cetera.

Up to seven wonderful scents in all.

Honorable cinema owner, Pootmye Kokenyoo, smiled and said something positive about the future of Smellovision but we don't understand Japanese, so that's that.

A.) Whew, imagine that. Smellovision. Can't wait till they use it in porn.
B.) Uh oh, drop me at home; I've had an accident. Goddamn Taco Bell.
C.) Colin Farrell used to kill on Saturday Night Live.


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