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April 27, 2006


TOKU on TV...
Hot Chick Walks the Plank!!
TV star have to see doctor in hospital

The actress Teri Hatcher - she hot chick star of Desperate Houswives, favorite show of Toku - hurt one eye on set of TV series.

Not to worry, it will be all right.

She scratch cornea (it dome-shaped “window” that cover front of eye) and must wear eye patch temporarily.

Funny thing make her look like pirate, and she know it.

"Now I understand why pirates get so grumpy,” she say grumply.

“It's kind of uncomfortable," Teri say to reporter of news organization who put report on Internet where Toku find out.

Toku surprised she not make ‘arrrrrrrgh!’ pirate joke.

For many year, Hatcher not big star. Now she explode into superstardom.

Let us hope everything is okay with eye as Teri Hatcher is star of favorite show, Desperate Housewives, as Toku say early in article.

Good luck, Teri....(TOKUGAWA MARINSKI)

A.) That chick is hot, hope she’s okay.
B.) It’s Teri Hatcher time!
C.) Good thing she didn’t injure her vagina.
A.) Whoa, someone’s in a pissy mood today.
C.) I smoked too much crack last night. I’m still woozy.
B.) Ha, ha, ha, pace yourself, fucker.
C.) Hey, I thought you and b were coming to the crack house after the game.
B.) Nah – I went to my son’s friend’s house instead.
A.) What was that like?
B.) Nothing special. We sat in the basement and smoked weed.
C.) The friend’s parents weren’t home?
B.) Of course not – what are you, nuts?
A.) What are you smiling about?
B.) There were some girls there and I took a few phone numbers.
C.) My dawg…
A.) Atta boy!
B.) Uh oh, Mr. E is in the house, back to work.
C.) Catch you later.
A.) Letter A, out!


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