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April 25, 2006


(They have it)
Made in China!
Such a deal...

In an effort to curb piracy (argggh…) in China, Warner Home Video is selling Martin Scorsese’s The Aviator DVD for $1.50.

A company spokesman recently told the London Financial Times, "This is a first step to see if the consumer can accept this product at this price.”

What? Accept the 'product' for a buck-and-a-half?

It's at least a twenny in Metamora, right?

At that price adventurous consumers can use it as a disposable sex toy. Why wouldn’t the Chinese be anything but thrilled with buck-fifty DVDs?

Because bootlegs go for 75 cents, fucker - that’s why.

Warner’s should try that price here in the States; they’d sell trillions of discs. Every day.

Hell, for $1.50 I’d even buy that Showgirls Director's Cut I’ve had my eye on for the last ten years.

Oh, and Snakes on a Plane.

No, wait a minute – SOAP hits dollar stores in November.

$1.50 DVDs would be great.

Why, it would make this planet a heaven on earth, you hear me?

A Heaven on Earth... (MUSTY SCRIBBLINS)

A.) Ha, ha, ha, looks like Musty read Peter Guralnick’s bio on Sam Cooke.
B.) What? What do you mean?
C.) Sam Cooke used to call everyone ‘fucker.’
B.) That's funny. Everyone calls everyone 'fucker' anyway.
A.) Yeah, but it's funny in print.
C.) Especially when you don't know the fucker, ha, ha, ha.
A.) Fucking right.
B.) Why do you think the f-word is so funny?
A.) How the fuck do I know? Ha, ha, ha.
B.) Ha, ha, ha.
C.) Ha, ha, ha, fuck.

i just laugh so hard, i peed! fuck!
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