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April 19, 2006


Supermodel Penny Lancaster's Fiancé on American Idol Tonight!

Just a quick reminder that Rod Stewart - the Frank Sinatra of the Baby Boomer generation - sings one of those swell old moldy figs on American Idol tonight.

The guy has great taste in wine, women & song.

I take that back. He's made some shitty records, but not too many.

A.) Rod Stewart is pure class.
B.) And what a set of pipes that man has.
C.) Whew, look at the bazoombas on that chick.
A.) What?! Oh fuck, here comes the boss.
E.) What going on here? Who's the broad?
B.) Penny Lancaster. She's Rod Stewart's fiancée.
E.) Sweet Mother of God!
C.) What's that, sir?
E.) I said, no bazoomba jokes. Now get back to work.
A.) Yes, sir.
B.) Your new toupee looks fantastic, by the way, sir.
E.) Thank you...but remember, no bazoomba jokes.


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