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April 11, 2006


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Man Kills Family Over Phone Bill!

It is the talk of the town, you can be sure.

A man in Malaysia, Papaya Reehab, murdered his wife and son after opening a phone bill for $218 trillion. A terse cover letter explained to Papaya that he had ten days to pay or risk being flogged in public and thrown in jail.

Things were not going well at the basket factory that day - the foreman yelled at Papaya and called him a camel's behind.

All he wanted was to be at home relaxing in his favorite wicker chair.

And now this: A $218 trillion phone bill. He sat in his chair seething.

Papaya knew who to blame, and took justice into his own hands with his Father’s scimitar.

Heads rolled. And as he had expected, the wife bled more than the son.

Next day, the corrected bill came—it was only $21.80. There had been a mistake. Apparently, someone in the billing department at Telekom Malaysia had added too many zeros to the statement.

“I should have checked with the phone company first,” shrugged Papaya. “If not for my foolish temper, Mooshi and Phalaphyl would still be alive today…ah, such is life.”

He then went inside and finished his cold goat sandwich.

No charges were filed.

A.) What happens in Malaysia, stays in Malaysia.
B.) USA is best. Matt and Trey said it: “America, Fuck Yeah.”
C.) What a coincidence I had cold goat for breakfast.


Goat is big in Malaysia?

I thought my phone bill sucked.
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