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April 11, 2006


Snort It, Smoke It or Eat It?
FDA Says New Form Of Crack Is Dangerously High In Saturated Fat

Crack addicts may have a new way to enjoy their favorite drug, but FDA officials warn that use of the illegal product could have potentially life-threatening consequences.

A single serving of the drug-injected cookies contains nearly 1800 calories, over 70 % of which derive from fat. It also supplies twice the FDA’s recommended daily amount of saturated fat.

Diets high in saturated fat have been linked to heart disease, cancer and stroke.
The sweet, cookie-like sandwiches are manufactured in the Quantzhou Province of China where crack use is not a crime.

After making its first U.S. appearance in San Francisco late last year, the product has spread rapidly across the country via an elaborate underground network of drug dealers who are committed to making addiction a more pleasant experience.

The sandwiches currently come in two flavors - peanut butter and sesame butter.

A.) Sounds great for getting high and driving at the same time.
B.) Kids...please don’t eat crack and drive. Please.
C.) I love the sesame butter ones.


Peanut Butter ones for me ... Yummy!

What does the FDA know?

Most of them used to work for Merck, and they all smoke crack.
Probation officer to Prostitute:

Do you do crack?


Oh no. Just pussy.
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