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April 10, 2006


She's Terilicious…
MONEY: That's What She Wants!

Desperate-no-more actress Teri Hatcher will become the highest-paid television actress after her cut from crap tied in to her hit show Desperate Housewives.

Hatcher will make up to $10 million after she collects earnings from a computer game (Marry Teri), a cereal (Desperate Oh’s), a DVD (Hi, I’m Teri Hatcher) , a cookbook (A Batch of Hatcher), a fragrance (Smells Like Teri) an online fashion store (Hatchers Fifth Avenue), and a sex doll with a functioning vagina. Its name is not appropriate for this blog, sorry.

Okay, it’s the Teri Hatcher Fuck Doll.

After banging around show business for many a year, it’s Teri Hatcher time.

Her TV show Desperate Housewives is white-hot right now, and she wants to strike while the iron is…uh, white-hot.

A.) I'm dating Teri Hatcher. She's great in the sack.
B.) Looks like letter A is hitting the pipe already.
C.) No, he bought a Teri Hatcher Fuck Doll.


A) poorly written
B) borring
C) wee wee wee all the way home
Oops, see my comments on the Elvis story and insert here. Damned demon rum.

A) Wiping my ass with sandpaper would be more entertaining than "anonymous'" comments.
B) I'd like to wipe my ass with anonymous' comments.
C) I'll have another rum-n-coke and yes, if the cops ask, I was at Paycheck's.
D) Vagina.....
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