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April 06, 2006


Prostitution is illegal
Lemons Great Source of Vitamin C

No prostitutes here..really

We’re starting to feel some heat here at the office—a couple of detectives have been sniffing around asking a lot of questions--so we’d like to

1.) remind everyone that this is a fictional escort site, got it? And...

2.) in the future be more discreet when inquiring about whores and prices for various sex acts.

We got a good thing going here; let’s not fuck it up.

Thank you.

A.) How much for a fudgie from a one-legged shemale?
B.) What? Didn’t you read what the guy just said?
C.) Goddamn it, man—get a grip.
A.) Calm down—that was the joke.
B.) What? Oh, sorry. Hey, that’s funny.
C.) Ha, ha, a one-legged shemale…
B.) Giving a fudgie to letter A, whoa!
C.) Hey, how was that fudgie, loverman?
A.) Uh, it’s just a joke, stupid.
B.) I don’t think so. I saw the video.
A.) What? What video?
C.) You and the shemale.
A.) What!? You're crazy...I, uh...I didn't know she had...
B.) Gotcha!
C.) Kapow! That's right, you crack stealing bastard.
A.) Wha...!? Oh, ha, ha, ha...damn, you got me all right.
B.) When someone trusts you with their stash, don't smoke it.
C.) Hope you learned a lesson, crackhead.
A.) Wow, I really did learn a lesson, sorry. And thanks.
C.) No problem.
B.) And next time a shemale gives you a fudgie, use a condom.


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