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April 10, 2006


Prostitution is illegal and immoral
Tweak Dead of Lung Cancer

No hookers here, honest...

The cops have been coming around more and more.

Since they’re not stupid – many are fans of this site – word is getting around downtown precincts that Lady Bomb Escorts, a great name for a fictional whorehouse and even better name for a humor site, is in fact selling sex on the side.

We’ve asked you time and time again to play it cool – prostitution is illegal – yet some readers blatantly respond with questions about buying vagina and penis.

We do not and never have sold penis. While there is nothing wrong with penis -- it’s a manly man’s favorite organ – there are dudes that can do penis better than us. We wouldn’t know where to start.

Musty, Tokugawa, and I are manly men; we enjoy vagina. We agree it’s the best female place to stick our favorite organ in. Especially, when you actually like the woman you’re sticking it into.

Then again, strange is a beautiful thing.

And when it’s a come and go casual encounter, a mouth with lipstick carefully applied is pretty exciting too.

Lipstick isn't that important, though.

Long story short: We don’t know how much longer we can pull this off.

Musty claims he’s being followed; Tokugawa believes his phone is tapped; and I don’t know what to think.

The only thing I know is sex sells--it’s the world’s oldest profession.

We are simply a humor site…we want to make you laugh out loud for a few minutes a day…that’s all.

We’re going to put it out there again: Be extremely discreet when “joking” via the email about certain sex acts and prices. Nosey cops may be watching and listening…and they don't want you to laugh and screw unless they get a piece of the action.

By the way, Petra is in the hospital and should be back tomorrow. She needed a few stitches here and there: Blackosis is back from a six-month tour and loves to throw cash at Petra.

It's in the blood. It's a family affair.

A.) Blackosis is da American bomb – nobody rap better.
B.) How much is da fudgie from a ladyboy?
C.) Plan B from Lady Bomb is coming: I’m the Ed Wood of my generation.



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