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April 03, 2006

Pink Says No to Picture at Right
Toot? Nope…it's Junk!

Whoever said singer Pink had a history of junk abuse is a liar and their pants are on fire.

The chick claims she was never addicted to the stuff, but she did tell an interviewer that she listened to Heroin by the Velvet Underground many, many times.

Writers get confused so easily.

Oh, she messed around with dope awhile back but those days are in the past.

"I gave up drugs because I saw too many people dying and being sick from it,” she said.

"I had bigger goals and I didn't want to waste my life being stupid. I wanted to be able to feel. They tried to make out I was addicted to heroin which is bullshit and very rude."

Now if someone shows us a picture of Pink and tells us who the hell she is, we’ll all be happy.

A.) Pink is the Lesley Gore of her generation.
B.) Pink is her stage name; Thelma Shwartz is her real name.
C.) Pink is a much lighter shade than red, if I’m not mistaken.


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