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April 12, 2006


No hookers here - Prostitution is illegal...
Apples? The Absolute Best!
One a Day Keeps Doc Away...

Musty spent the night in jail.

Cops picked him up on a drunk and disorderly charge, took him downtown, and grilled him for hours about Lady Bomb Escorts.

Musty calmly slurred that the Bomb is a humor site - no whores for sale here.

They slapped him around a bit, no big deal - he expected it - but he kept to his story: the Bomb is a humor site - there are no whores for sale here.

Then a screw threw Musty into a stinking cell. Tokugawa bailed him out this morning.

As you can see, our days are numbered, dear readers.

Something's gotta give, one way or another. We will keep you in the tightest loop possible on what's happening here but we need your help.

Send one email to friend.

In the subject line type: 'Not What You Think...Lady Bomb Escorts is a humor site.'

Inside, create a link and have them click over to us. Thank you.

Then send us your email address and we will send you a coupon good for 25% off of your next 'date' at Lady Bomb (Petra not included, sorry).

And a free glass of champagne when you come in.

Should the authorities question you about any of this, please explain it as an elaborate inside joke.

Thanks, again.

Let's sum up:

1.) Please send at least one email: 'Not what you think: Lady Bomb Escorts is a humor site.'
2.) Selling sex is illegal. There are no prostitutes here.
3.) Don't forget your 25% off coupon.
4.) Don't forget the free champagne.
5.) Remember, Petra is not a part of the deal.
6.) If questioned by cops, tell them this is all a stupid joke, then laugh.
7.) Send the emails, it's important.
8.) Something's in the air. You're in the loop. We appreciate your loyalty.

A.) Whew, this sounds serious.
B.) Hey, American pop culture is a goddamn wild animal.
C.) What do you mean?
B.) I'm not sure - I haven't had my coffee yet.


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