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April 20, 2006


New network sitcom for Rolling Stone?
Take Mick Jagger, Please!

Rolling Stones canary Mick Jagger and ABC are hoping to cut a deal to shoot a comedy pilot about a gang of New York City bad guys who attempt to rob a celebrity.

The original pitch title was I Want to Rob Jeff Goldblum, with Goldblum as the celebrity - though The Fly guy never agreed to do it.

If Mick says yep, the new name would be I Want to Rob the World, Awright?

The weekly comedy would center around an old rock band touring the world selling overpriced concert tickets, tee shirts, leather jackets and other crap.

If Jagger nixes the project, a handshake deal is already in place with Andrew Dice Clay to star as a washed up comedian in what would revert to the original I Want to Rob Jeff Goldblum name again.

And if Diceman gets the part, the sitcom format will be scrapped in favor of a reality show angle where Clay puts together a crew with a plan to really rob actor Goldblum after pistol whipping and beating the living shit out of him.

No matter how it plays out, it sounds like another winner for ABC.

A.) Keith Richard should play the nosy landlord, Mr. Roper.
B.) Andrew Dice Clay is the Carrot Top of his generation.
C.) Mick should play Barney Fife in the new Andy of Mayberry movie.


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