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April 17, 2006


New Neil Young single:
With all due respect, our prez is a frikkin knucklehead

Maybe Neil Young can jumpstart lazy America into screaming louder about the stupid godless war in Iraq and the men behind it.

After a three week flurry of writing and recording, the 60-year-old musician spills truth all over the place on Living with War, a “metal folk protest record” with bass, drums, trumpet, and a 100 voice choir marching along.

The first single is Impeach the President.

Check the scroll at the bottom of the splash page of Young’s official website...the man has much to say.

Unlike the plastic smiling made-in-china soldier at the top, American soldiers are human beings with real blood - not the entertaining kind that thrills us in the movies and on TV.

It's a wacky world for sure, and America's crazy but the lunatics have taken over the asylum. It's been this way too long.

Hopefully, Neil Young's Living With War will spell it out for folks that need their news with a beat and melody.

No release date yet...but this new CD will be released sooner than later. Like real soon.

Tons more on the project here from writer Andrew Buncombe for The Independent.

And closer to home, what's up with Americans shooting each other in the face over a game of pool?

A.) Whew, I ate too much ham yesterday.
C) You and me both, pally.
B.) Ha, ha, ha - b and I ate too many hot dogs at the zoo.
A.) You're a lucky man, b is a good kid. How old is he again?
B.) Almost seven.
A.) Eleven years from now he can fight in Iraq.
C.) Fucking stupid war.
B.) Damn, I hope it's over by then.
C.) You never know...
A.) Oh hell, the ticket's bought. Imagine the worst.
B.) Jesus Christ, can't we all just get along?
C.) Nope.
A.) Uh uh.
C.) Why do you think we have drugs, alcohol, and dollar burgers?
B.) To keep us fat and stupid?
A.) Yup.
C.) Of course.
B.) Fuck, what a mess.
A.) The new Neil Young LP won't change anything.
B.) Maybe jolt the citizens?
C.) Hope springs eternal.
B.) I'd hate to lose b to some goddamn war.
A.) The ticket's bought, I'm telling you.
C.) Fucking Monday.
A.) My stomach hurts from too much ham.
C.) Mine too. I'm gonna go take a dump.
B.) Good for you...I'll alert the media.
C.) Ha, ha, ha. See you later, letters.
A.) That fucking C cracks me up.
B.) What?
A.) I said C is a good letter.
B.) He sure is.


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