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April 17, 2006


New Menu Item at Burger King!
Chicken Named After Sexy Singer !

Burger King announced that they’re rolling out an ad campaign to promote a new menu item made of processed chicken and named after former Destiny’s Child lead singer Beyonce Knowles.

The group’s endorsement deal with McDonald’s is set to expire this Summer, just in time for BK to introduce their Beyonce Bites to the world of fast food.

A company spokesman described the bite-size chicken chunks as "the choicest, juiciest, tenderest, most succulent, savory thigh meat known to man," which have been "lovingly dipped in batter and flash-fried" to preserve all the "delicious, delectable, mouth-watering juices inside."

Consumers will be able to choose from two dipping sauces: Spicy-Sweet or Funky.

The ad campaign includes commercial spots of the BK King chasing the sexy songstress and movie star as she tries in vain to escape him via pogo stick, skate board, bicycle, car, water skis and helicopter.

Beyonce reportedly enjoyed shooting the spots "a lot" and was happy when she was allowed to keep her wardrobe for the shoots, which consisted of various sequined bathing suits, hot pants and low-cut dresses.

In a first for the fast food industry, the delicious Beyonce Bites will be served in a pink box that is completely edible.

A.) Should I be getting a boner when I think about food?
B.) Once you go dark you don’t go back.
C.) Make mine funky, man.


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