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April 25, 2006


Neanderthal Athlete Reprimanded
Sexist Comment Lands Keith Hernandez In Hot Water

Former All-Star first-baseman and current Mets announcer Keith Hernandez was reprimanded for making "inappropriate" remarks during a Mets game against the San Diego Padres on Saturday.

Upon seeing a woman high-five Mike Piazza after the Padres’ catcher homered, Hernandez said that women "don't belong in the dugout."

Even after finding out that the woman was 33-year-old Kelly Calabrese, the Padres’ massage therapist, Hernandez stuck to his guns.

"I won't say that women belong in the kitchen, but they don't belong in the dugout," he affirmed.

Mets management immediately reprimanded the former MVP, who was forced to issue a statement of apology during Sunday’s broadcast.

The gist of the apology was that he was "only teasing" and that he went on to say "I love you gals out there...always have."

After Sunday’s game, Hernandez reportedly joked in private that Calabrese "might" belong in the dugout but would also "look damn good spread-eagle and tied down to my king-size four-poster."...(MARTY SHERMAN)

A.) I heard she was also the team ‘ball handler’.
B.) No, she handled all the ‘equipment’ - if you know what I mean.
C.) I wonder if Keith could get to first base with her.


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