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April 17, 2006


nakes On A Plane Monday #4 !
Cheesier than a jar of velveeta...

This week, our fourth installment of Snakes on a Plane Monday, we focus on another important scene from the upcoming scary adventure film that is sure to do for snakes and planes what Showgirls did for girls and and their woo woos.

...and action...

Joe and Mary (not their real movie names) are hot-to-trot to join the 'Mile High Club.' They want to get their freak on, do the do, hide the salami, all that good stuff.

They lock themselves in the bathroom. Mary works on Joe’s erect member...a snake suddenly jumps out and bites him really, really hard on his shlong.

Joe screams like a man on a blog has never screamed before. Blood gushes everywhere.

Cut...and print.

Any kind of snake bite sucks, period - but as any man will tell you: you don’t want a snake chomping your weiner. It's a special something you’d rather put to good having sex or urinating - not having a goddamn snake biting you down there, it's not right.

There you go SOAP fans - that's it for this week.

The flick comes out in August. Pay to see it on the big screen, then score the pay-per-view, rent the DVD, buy the DVD, watch it on cable, check out the free network version (sans penis snake bite scene) and tell your friends to do the same.

Oh, and remember the only blog in the blogosphere that’s really up to date on everything snakey is the Snakes on a Blog blog which is secretly published by the star of the movie, Samuel L. Jackson.

A.) There's nothing better than a bad movie.
B.) Sharon Stone and Elizabeth Barkley's vaginas couldn't save this movie.
C.) 2001 Maniacs. Now there's a great bad film.


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