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April 26, 2006


MTV Silver News:
MIKE WALLACE: Out of this World!
"Sweetheart, bring Daddy his reading glasses."

87-year-old Mike Wallace, CBS 60 Minutes superstar, claims he is being courted by GT/T Invent to do a news show for them on another planet.

“They've been talking with me for some time about coming up to Neptune,” he says.

Glaxo Ten/Twelve, the company's president, would transport me three times weekly in his own personal rocket ship so I can travel back and forth between Neptune and Earth - maybe get a nice apartment in downtown GXRL-25 city, I don't know..."

"I wonder how the corned beef is up there…" the newsman says rubbing his chin, gazing off into a faraway world.

"And the women..." Wallace ponders - then laughs: "That is alien nookie in its purest form."

An assistant walks in: "Glaxo Ten/Twelve on the phone, sir.'

The reporter shakes Wallace's hand and is shown to the door not knowing what he's learned or what he will write.

He doesn't know how the story ends... or if there even was a story...

Not unlike a cheesy low brow twilight zone kind of thing....(LYZAKO)

A.) Strange. Wallace reminds me of an old Geraldo Rivera.
B.) I remember when that racist bastard was Governor of Alabama.
C.) Oops, pooped my diaper. Hey, that colon cleanser really works!


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