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April 02, 2006


marty sherman:
Jazz World Mourns Loss of Alto Great

Pioneering alto saxophone player and all-around hep cat Jackie McLean died at his Hartford, Connecticut home on Friday.

The 73 year-old jazz musician recorded dozens of LPs as a leader and played with some of the heaviest dudes on the Pre-Bop, Bebop, Bop, Hard Bop and Post-Bop scenes.

A native New Yorker, the young McLean began his musical career as a teenager, hanging, playing and copping junk with Miles and Bird before stints with Mingus and Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers. But his best sides, the classic Jackie Mac, come from the sessions he recorded for Blue Note...Swing, Swang, Swingin’, Let Freedom Ring, Capuchin Swing and Destination Out!, just to name a few.

Winner of many Downbeat and Esquire reader’s poll Awards, Jackie was most proud of his 1959 Downbeat Award for "Coolest Cat", which he displayed above his bed on a shelf made especially for the trophy.

A.) Adieu and fare thee well, Jackie.
B.) I don’t get jazz. It just sounds like a bunch of noise to me.
C.) I like chili mac. That’s where you mix macaroni and cheese with chili. Mmmm.


Thanks for representing us Jazz lovers!
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