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April 13, 2006


Mariah Announces Perfume Brand
Singer Hopes to Strike It Rich With New Line of Fragrances

Pop diva Mariah Carey has just joined a long list of celebrities that hawk their own perfume brands.

She hopes to replicate the recent success of designer Tommy Hilfiger’s True Star, a fragrance endorsed by Destiny Child’s Beyonce, with her own entry in the "smell like me" war.

Scent of Mariah will be aimed squarely at the mass market while its sister scent Mimi Juice will target the Hip-Hop crowd.

Both are to be manufactured by Elizabeth Arden.

The latter takes its name from the singer’s nickname and alter ego which was also used in the title of her latest million-seller and Grammy winning release The Emancipation of Mimi.

The twist? The formula will make use of minute amounts of Carey’s actual pheromones, which tests prove to be "very powerful", according to one research chemist at the company.

Pheromones are chemical scents used in the animal kingdom to attract members of the opposite sex.

While the jury is still out as to whether human pheromone levels play any real part in wooing a mate, perfume companies have been incorporating synthetic versions of the naturally occurring hormones in their formula for years.

Both products are expected to hit the shelves next spring.

The singer also announced a new lineup of energy drinks that will carry the Mimi Juice brand and be available around the same time.

A.) Hmmm, I wonder what the silly bitch tastes like?
B.) Let’s make up a drink called the Silly Bitch. Why not?
C.) Alright...two fingers of rum, two fingers of amaretto, Mimi Juice and a twist of lime.
A.) Now THAT's a Silly Bitch!
B.) Sounds like a girly drink to me.
C.) Girly, sure, but it will fuck you up.


Maybe it should be called a Fuck Up Your Silly Bitch?
thanks for the infomation
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