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April 19, 2006


kreat kews!

Talk is cheap and when the lips behind the yap belong to Gene Simmons of KISS, it’s highly entertaining.

The blood spitting, long tongued bass player claims he will soon market a new exercise video for fat chicks called Sexercise.

American pop culture is at its best when it's at its stupidest.

Ha, ha, ha – that Gene Simmons is something else. Anyone that kan kreate a KISS KOFFIN and get fans to pay five large for what is essentially a long plastic beer kooler with pictures of a pancaked rock band is okay with us.

If you’re out of your mind – or just too high - you may want to visit Gene’s site and spend some dough.

Besides your usual teeshirts, hats, cups, et cetera, you can smoke your crack with a forty buck KISS KIPPO lighter then wash it down with a bottle of KISS KABERNET.

How much for a bottle of the good stuff?

It said ‘click for price,’ so I did. The swill cost $100 per.

I clicked out of the site and went to check out the New York girls at last night’s party.

A.) Coffee's not ready, yet?
B.) I had some before work: Gene Simmons, ha, ha, ha.
C.) KISS is KRAZY! We're out of coffee.
A.) Fuck.
B.) Don't be a baby - go buy some, you cheap fuck.
C.) And learn to be funny before coffee.
A.) You're right, of course.
B.) At least act like a professional.
C.) Don't cry like a baby because there's no coffee.
A.) Fuck, you're right - Simmons has more tongue than a Zingerman's sandwich.
B.) That's more like it.
C.) Um, you'd better get the coffee.


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