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April 21, 2006


Godfather of punk turns 59 today

Here at the Bomb's Detroit office we’re all wishing Iggy Pop a happy fucking birthday.

We’ve always dug the man and his music right from the get-go back in the late ‘40s with the Asheton brothers through his painfully amusing divorce album, Avenue B - the last real good Iggy Pop solo disc - a few years back. The pair after that (forgot their names) were totally forgettable.

But Iggy's no dummy - Pop knows best. He’s recording a new LP with The Stooges - Ron and Scott Asheton, inventors of American punk - their first effort since 1973’s Raw Power.

They’re all in Miami this week making music and prepping for a new album to be released in 2007. Produced by the legendary Steve Albini (with a few sure-fire hit tracks produced by Jack White), the album should fucking kill. The fellows have been working very hard on it.

Anyone who has compared the Stooges live onstage back in the day with more recent shows will tell you they are one and the same. A rare phenomenon in the reunion business.

Next year, a successful proper tour will promote what should be a terrific record and the Stooges comeback story will have a happy ending.

Happy endings are the fucking best. Happy birthday, Iggy Pop.

A.) That Iggy is one skinny dude.
B.) Yeah, he must be a vaginatarian.
C.) Yeah, for his birthday dinner he’s having a lima bean and a twig.
A.) Ha, that Iggy is something else, ha.
B.) What’s up for the weekend?
C.) Not much – some yard work...hopefully in the sun. You?
B.) Taking b to a NAMBLA convention.
A.) Good idea. May as well get that part of the kid’s life out the way.
C.) Exactly. You’re no dummy. What about you, A?
A.) Wife, dog, the Sam Cooke bio by Guralnick...
C.) No ham this weekend? Ha, ha, ha.
A.) I don't think so. I still have ham coming out of my ass.
B.) Damn, the boss is coming this way.
E.) Gentlemen, gentlemen, good morning. What are we opening with?
A.) It's Iggy Pop's birthday, sir.
E.) Ah, of my favorites as a young man. Very skinny.
B.) It's because he's a vaginatarian, sir.
C.) Yes, and his dinner is a lima bean and a twig.
E.) Harrrrrrrrummmph...well, I know you boys can do better than that.
A.) Not necessarily keepers - still working out punchlines, Mr. E.
C.) What are you doing this weekend, sir?
E.) Going to the NAMBLA convention. I always enjoy myself there.
A.) What a coincidence. B will be there with his son, b.
E.) Really? I'd love to buy the boy an ice cream.
B.) I'll tell him to look forward to it.
E.) Good. And now, work - then the weekend. What say you?
B.) Okay, Mr. E.
C.) Right as usual, sir.
A.) Have a great weekend.




Um, sorry...

I guess dat der Mike Watt (a/k/a "holy crap, I can't believe I'm playing with the fucking Stooges!") is gonna be playing with them, too?
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