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April 13, 2006


Don Adams 83 today if not for
Would you believe....?

Many may remember him as the voice of Inspector Gadget. The rest of us will never forget Don Adams as Maxwell Smart in the best TV comedy series of all time, Get Smart (1965 – 1970).

The absolutely hilarious James Bond spoof with Adams as Agent 86 of CONTROL introduced an unlimited assortment of communication gadgets and devices still used by secret agents today: Shoe Phone, Bar of Soap Phone, Sandwich with Potato Chip Microphone, the Cone of Silence, the Umbrella of Silence (used in England), and the Coffee and Donut Radio.

Don Adams would have been 83-years-old today but died instead last September 26, 2005.

A.) If Maxwell Smart were alive today, we wouldn’t be at war with Iraq.
B.) No, they sure don’t make TV shows like that anymore. Fuckers.
C.) Hubba hubba. I’ll have some Agent 99, thanks.


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