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April 03, 2006


New Cereal Named After Secretary of State Gets Thumbs Up From Test Market Groups

In celebration of their 100th Anniversary, Kellogg’s has announced a new cereal aimed at adults.

Condoleezza Crispies, named after current Secretary of State and presidential hopeful Dr. Condoleezza Rice, will be a twist on the recipe for the cereal maker’s own Rice Krispies, which helped make Kellogg’s a food industry powerhouse over four decades ago.

"We’re very excited about this product," said a spokesperson for the Battle Creek, Michigan-based company. The cereal, which was test marketed in San Francisco and Atlanta, is described as being "a little less sweet" than regular Rice Krispies and in addition to snapping, crackling and popping will also be heard to "moan softly" when eaten.

A.) Sounds great. Pass me the chocolate milk.
B.) I’m more of a ham-and-egger myself, but I’ll try it.
C.) Dr. Rice can eat ME. In fact, ALL those bastards in Washington can eat me.


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