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April 20, 2006


Cartoon Love Dolls Available
Popular Sex Aid Now Caters To Niche Market

A spokesperson for the San Diego based RealDoll company, says that the newest versions of their popular sex dolls will be based on the physical traits of Japanese cartoon characters.

Adult-oriented Japanese animation often incorporates nudity and sex into sci-fi and fantasy scenarios, and the word Hentai, which loosely translates as "perverted," is commonly used in the U.S. and Europe to describe these X-rated romps.

Characters based on Japanese video games, anime and Manga comics can now be ordered as adult-size, fully-articulated Real Dolls.

"We already do customized features on our top-of-the-line models, and we were getting more and more requests from both here in the States and from Japan to make dolls that resembled popular Japanese characters like Sailor Moon," said the spokesperson.

The newest dolls come with all the bells and whistles. Like previous Real Dolls, they can be ordered with different hair styles and colors, varying skin tones and up to three "input" ports including vaginal, oral and anal.

The main difference is the way the dolls are proportioned.

"The heads and eyes are larger, and the bodies are slimmer, with bulbous breasts," said the spokesperson. "They also come with a choice of either four or five fingers per hand."

Unlike the original Real Doll models, there are currently no male versions of the Hentai dolls.

"Sexual attraction towards cartoon characters seems to be limited to men, but we listen to our customers and should the need arise, we would be happy to accommodate any of them, male or female."

RealDoll is currently developing prototypes for dolls based on American cartoon characters Betty Boop, Daisy Duck and Marge Simpson.

A.) What? No Betty and Veronica?
B.) It’s like a freakin’ real life Tijuana Bible.
C.) Let’s get a Betty Boop and have a three-way, guys!


can I get an Angelina Jolie doll?
Hey, wasn't Cartoon Love Dolls a song off The Pretenders first album?
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