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April 05, 2006

‘adult’ teaches kid a lesson…
Fruitcake of the Looms

A school teacher in Albany, NY has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child for giving a ten-year-old kid a wedgie.

The boy’s Ma reported the alleged incident to school officials when it happened last summer but didn’t file a police report until January.

‘Teach’ is a 41-year-old man.

A.) Hopefully the boy was wearing a thong.
B.) What?
C.) Letter A has been hitting the pipe already.
A.) Ha, ha, ha, goofy ass perv teacher.
B.) You’re wasted, my letta.
C.) Yes, and so early in the day.
A.) Who wants a wedgie? B?
B.) Dude, get the fuck away from me.
C.) Whew, you’re freaking us out, man.
B.) We had a pact. No crack till after work.
A.) Oh, don’t be a square. You only live once.
C.) Wait a minute—is that the rock we asked you to hang on to?
A.) Oops—ha, ha, ha.
B.) You rat bastard son of a bitch.
C.) You dumb fuck.
A.) Ha, ha, ha.
C.) Shut the fuck up. Here comes the boss.
E.) Hey, what’s going on here? Why aren’t you at your computers?
B.) Uh, just discussing the Albany ‘wedgie story,’ sir.
E.) Hmm, yes…a sad state of affairs.
A.) Thank god he didn’t give him a fudgie.
E.) What?
C.) Um..nothing, sir. Letter A thought we’d do the story with laughs.
E.) I don’t think so. A proper wedgie hurts like hell. Not funny.
B.) That’s what we told A, sir.
E.) Good, good. Gentlemen, let’s get back to work, shall we?
B.) Yes, sir. Your new beret looks great, by the way.
C.) Wow. That was a close one.
B.) Get a grip, letter A.
A.) All right, all right…party poopers.
B.) Here, take this Xanax and disappear until it kicks in.
C.) High paying writing jobs like this are hard to find, idiot.
A.) Okay, okay. I’ll see you in awhile.
B.) Can you believe it? Fucker smoked our rock.
A.) Amazing. He’s good for it though, ha, ha.
B.) Yeah, what the hell…C is a good letter and friend.
A.) He sure is, but what the hell is a fudgie?


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