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March 29, 2006

Sir Walter Raleigh, stupid git?

Do-gooders at Capitol Records have airbrushed cigarettes from the original photo featured on the front cover of the new Beatles' four-CD box, The Capitol Albums, Vol. 2.

Since the Beatles are so powerful, just seeing a picture of them with lit fags might make impressionable types light up.

And there will be no smoking allowed while listening to the box set either.

Capitol will also Photoshop the fabs with fancy Tommy Hilfiger threads to give them a hip hop flava, and change the drummer’s name to Blingo.

A.) And they airbrushed shoes on Paul on Abbey Road.
B.) And they still haven't remastered the Beatles' catalogue.
C.) And George died from smoking cigarettes.


Simon, Sage, Rosemary, and Eno?

New album for Paul Simon in the bins on May 9. Produced by Eno--the guy that’s too good for his old band, Roxy Music--the long player is called Surprise and includes guest appearances by jazz pianist Herbie Hancock, and guitarist Bill Frisell.

Paul Simon and Eno? Three thumbs up.

Five days after its release, the singer appears on Saturday Night Live to play a pair of the fresh cuts.

A.) If the hearing aid battery is delivered by then, I’ll give it a listen.
B.) Can you smoke while you listen to it?
C.) What happened to Garfunkel?


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