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March 22, 2006

Roxy Music Update:
False Alarm: No ENO!
misplaced bald joke angers keyboardist?

Looks like Eno isn’t going to rejoin Roxy Music to record and tour and make millions as reported a few days back. He explains all at his website, EnoWeb. We tried to reach Bryan Ferry (dotcom) but he was busy fixing his hair.

Cross your fingers the Roxette reunion is still in place.

A.) I stood in line all night for nothing, fuck.
B.) Ticket sales weren’t even announced, dickhead.
A.) Hey, I’m the world’s biggest Roxy Music fan, okay?
B.) And the world’s biggest dickhead, so what?
C.) What did I tell you two about fighting in the blog?
B.) Yes, but letter A is a stupid dickhead…
A.) Why, you bastard, I’ll kick your ass!
B.) You and what army, dickhead?
C.) Alright, enough!
A.) Fucking B should get a grip.
C.) Listen to you two…arguing about Roxy Music.
A.) Well, when you put it that way…
B.) Yeah, hell—ha, sometimes I’m a dickhead, too.
C.) Me, too! Ha, ha. Come on; shake hands.
A.) Okay.
B.) Sure, why not.
C.) Good. Now let’s go to the crack house.
A.) Now you’re fucking talking.
B.) Right on, letter C.
C.) Fuck Roxy Music--it’s crack cocaine for us.


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