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March 31, 2006


pop singer with two first names pays price...
George Michael Joint Woes
nice bud--who's got a photo of some rolling papers?

Pray it doesn't come to this, but since cops in England found weed and another drug in his car a month back, it may be curtains for George Michael's love affair with American soil.

He may be barred entry to the U.S. forever!

Our immigration department frowns on letting drug users into these United States, because we must first be sure to have enough dope for our own citizens.

Every day as more Americans bend and snap because of this and that (wine, women, war, whatever...) we need more and more drugs.

Pharmaceutical, homemade, smoked, snorted, injected...we don't care.

We are the United States of America--the greatest drug users on earth!

And thank god we have oceans upon oceans of alcohol in case we run short of drugs.

Of course, money and mea culpas go a long way when you’re a celebrity, and washed up or not, Michael still makes blog headlines, hubba hubba.

But just in case sorries and moolah ain't enough, a team of lawyers is already working on a solid Plan B:

Banish Carrot Top to England & let George in.

A.) Yes, that may work. Send the flag up the pole; see if anyone salutes.
B.) In France, Carrot Top is considered heir to the Jerry Lewis throne.
C.) What a coincidence, I'm drinking muscatel...oops, I puked on myself, fuck.


NICE photo, I get where your head is!
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