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March 14, 2006


Pick letter A, B, or C---It’s that simple

Savvy readers will remember high-concept secret letter D.

It says whatever you want it to.

New Cars on the Road…

Fan of the old Cars with Ric Ocasek behind the wheel? Tough. Todd Rundgren is in the driver’s seat now doing the vocals. Ocasek doesn’t want to tour and you can’t really blame him.
He has more dough than Jason Alexander.

And if we were hitched to Paulina Porzikova, we might not want to leave the house either. Especially if we had a sex dungeon in the basement.

The New Cars have officially launched their new website and fan club at Original guitarist Elliot Easton and keyboardist Greg Hawkes are along for the ride with an old Tubes drummer, and one of Rundgren’s musician friends taking over bass and vocal duties for the late Benjamin Orr.

A.) This whole idea reeks. Three thumbs down.
B.) Lighten up, douchebag. It’s only rock ‘n’ roll.
C.) The New Cars open for Blondie @ Pine Knob on June 30th.


It adds up nicely…
Charlize Theron + Hot Brunette = Dream Come True!

Okay, we take it back: Charlize Theron and her boyfriend Stuart Townsend have not split up. Got it? No split there.

In case you need proof, here’s Theron's publicist, Amanda Silverman. She has a statement: "Stuart and Charlize have not broken up.”

Okay? Happy now?

Townsend is probably still convinced he can talk Charlize into the occasional ménage a trois.

Good luck, brother--that would be totally awesome.

A.) The guitarist of the Who is dating Charlize Theron? What?
B.) Okay, this is definitely filler, right?
C.) I banged Charlize Theron. No big deal.


I'd like to see Charlize and Scarlet get down. Woudn't that be some high concept porn? Some nice and gentle mouth to mouth, slowly Scarlet drags her tongue downward, lingering at Charlize's ohsosoft tummy, paying special attention to her sexy bellybutton (tastefully pierced for the occasion), before parting her long, luscious legs and causing Charlize to moan softly with pleasure as Scarlet ticklelicks her goodies while stroking her precious breasts with her hands and tweaking her generous nipples ever so gently between thumb and forefinger...

uh oh, gotta go...
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