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March 27, 2006


not a bad looking monday out there…

pick letter A, B, or C
that’s all there is to it

savvy readers may also use
secret high concept letter D


Leo Leary LSD Guru?
take two orange barrels and call me in the morning…

As movie bigwigs drink and drug, straining their brains to come up with flicks to once more put asses in the seats of American movie theatres, Leonardo DiCaprio may have a good one in mind.

His production company, Appian Way, is battling Requiem for a Dream director Darren Aronofsky for movie rights to the story of acid eating Harvard professor Dr. Timothy Leary.

Dr.Leary loved tripping like no man before him and coined the term "Turn on, tune in, drop out."

A.) Can’t read the blog. I’m tripping. The words don’t make sense.
B.) Don’t worry, that has nothing to do with the acid.
C.) Uh oh, I see a pineapple.


spotlight on the dead:
The Buck Stops Here

Fare thee well to Country music legend Buck Owens; he’s gone to a better place at age 76.

The man had many hits including, I've Got a Tiger by the Tail, and Love's Gonna Live Here, but he is best remembered as the writer of Act Naturally, a song recorded by the Beatles back in the mid-60s.

Unfortunately, Ringo sang the tune, but it still made a few bucks for Buck.

A.) Buck was funny on Hee Haw.
B.) Buck Owens. Never heard of him.
C.) Rest in peace, Buck.


The guy’s nuts, right?
Always a Little Rascal!

Robert Blake sat in a bankruptcy court on Friday crying to a judge that he can’t come up with the big dough—30 million plus—that he has to pay out for the mess he made.

Had a kid with a bim, married her, then maybe got rid of said bim with a gun. Like Baretta.

After telling the judge his tale of woe, Blake tore off his raincoat to reveal a short pleated plaid skirt and white blouse and danced as he sang the Shirley Temple classic, On the Good Ship Lollipop.

As a kid, Blake starred in the Little Rascals.

A.) Alfalfa had that cool shiny hair thing going.
B.) Spanky reminds me of Cartman.
C.) Stymie was my favorite.


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