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March 30, 2006


New iPod XTreme is Fantastic!
New technology keeps blowing minds, whew!

Apple’s new iPod XTreme is finally in stores and it’s as impressive as its advance reviews have been reporting.

While the nine pound car battery sized player may seem cumbersome at first, one has to just listen for awhile...the weight is worth it. It snugly fits in any good-sized indestructable back pack or large duffle bag.

The news gets even better: The iPod XTreme contains every recording ever made.

That's right, every single song and sound ever recorded--including outtakes, demos, and conversations.

This morning a writer listened to Asian pan flute music (Kahzi Ruhito’s Pad Thai Symphony) followed it up with American hard rock (Starship’s We Built This City) and then heard a retarded kid sing Happy Birthday to a squirrel in Des Moines, Iowa. The boy's Grandpa recorded it.

The dudes and chicks at Apple are geniuses.

While the iPod XTreme is a terrific deal at $699, we opted for the $799 model--the iPod Xtreme X2—which has the capability to play one song in your left ear and another in your right.

During lunch at a Mexican restaurant, it was Iranian folk music (Snakes on a Plain by Renti Betossgh) on one side and Asian pan flute music (Bangkok Walls' Thai Me Up, Thai Me Down) on the other.

Some writers love Asian pan flute music.

The headphones are a little tinny but a small cotton wad tucked into each ear canal before putting the phones on solves that problem.

You need the iPod XTreme…buy it today.

A.) Sounds like the writer loves the skin flute, too.
B.) You gonna start with the gay jokes now?
A.) Hey, I'm just...
B.) I know what you're doing. You're starting with the gay jokes.
A.) Okay, so what? Big have no sense of humor. Relax.
B.) I have a terrific sense of humor, in fact...
C.) Hey, what's going on here?
A.) Nothing.
B.) Nothing, what's up?
C.) After work let's buy some crack then blow each other.
A.) Sounds good.
B.) Great idea. Lemme call the wife, tell her I'll be late.
C.) You are so pussy whipped.
B.) Hey, gimme a break. I love my wife.
A.) Yeah, she's a good woman. B is a lucky letter.
C.) Yeah, I guess so. I'll see you two later at the crackhouse.
A.) Bring money, you cheap fuck.
B.) Yeah, and condoms.
A.) Ha, ha, ha, that letter C is something else.
B.) Ha, he sure is. Good letter, though.
A.) Absolutely.


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