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March 24, 2006


lady bomb dotcom weekend link tank


we’re looking forward to having cocktails
with our readers in texas
but just one

cops are walking into bars and ticketing patrons for being too wasted


there’s a leprechaun on the loose in mobile, alabama

saint patrick’s day was a week ago and hey
we like to keep a buzz going as much as the next girl
so it’s off to mobile and its
lucky charms this weekend


we would never ever name a tortoise addwaita
that is our promise to you

but times were different two-and-a-half centuries ago
it was probably a cool name

it is all scummy pond water under the bridge now, though

addwaita is
dead after 250 years on this doomed god-forsaken planet


some guys take too much coke
so much that they eventually burn a hole in their septum
you know, the nose wall that separates the nostrils

this cat is tightening his wig...maybe


have fun this weekend...turn the machines off


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