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March 23, 2006

In this corner…
Champion of Drug Users!
'Douchebag say what?'

Whew, this Pete Doherty clown makes Tom Sizemore and Sid Vicious look like pussies when it comes to getting high.

After showing up over an hour late this morning for his court appearance for busts back in December and January, the Babyshambles singer pleaded guilty to seven charges of possessing junk, crack, and weed.

Luckily, he had left his meth, airplane glue, and Ecstasy in his other jacket.

Anyway, the Bobbies keep busting Pete but he doesn't give a toss, he just takes more drugs and moves on.

We know how this story will play out, unfortunately—'tis a shame, really--but it gives us endless opportunities for drug jokes, one of our favorite humor genres.

Next week: Pete drinks rubbing alcohol with a lemon twist.

A.) Hanging ala Michael Hutchence is supposed to be a gasser.
B.) Sucking down a 7/Eleven Mountain Dew Super Gulp Slurpee does it for me.
C.) Doherty will be dead or high on Jesus by the 4th of July.


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