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March 28, 2006

Her dad’s got big $$$$$$
Tori Spelling’s New TV Show!
Hollywood beauty to play self

Lord knows we watch bad television--we’re reality show fans, for god's sake--but we’re going to have to take a powder on so noTORIous with Tori Spelling playing a fictionalized version of herself.

Tori’s daddy, Aaron Spelling, is one of Hollywood's richest and most powerful men having produced Fantasy Island, Charlie’s Angels, Starsky and Hutch, The Love Boat and other fine stinky cheeses for the boob tube in the 70s.

Did we mention Loni Anderson plays Tori’s mom in the series?

No? Good enough for Burt, good enough for us.

We request our minions to turn on VH1 this Sunday, April 2 @ 10PM and check it out. Or TIVO it for a future date.

They say so noTORIous will do for reality television what Showgirls did for strippers.

And we may have mentioned it before...we dig strippers.

There are two reasons we cannot watch so noTORIous:

1. Because this sounds like the rottenest stupidest fucking idea for a TV show anyone could ever come up with, and
2. Because we dumped the cable a few months back and don’t watch VH1 anymore.

It’s a win/win situation for us.

Don’t forget the big premiere this Sunday, April 2 @ 10PM on VH1.

A.) The good thing about a Tori Spelling bomb is it writes itself.
B.) I wish Aaron Spelling was my dad. I'd bang prosties all day.
C.) Tori is the star of the new Mr. Ed movie remake.


Best rock haircut ever?
Rolling Stone Brian Jones is 64

Rolling Stone guitarist Brian Jones turns 64 years old today. Happy birthday, man.

We like to believe Jones didn’t drown back n 1969.

Don’t get us wrong--Ron Wood is the bomb, but sometimes it’s nice to think of what could have been.

And here they are...the World's Greatest Alphabet Letters: A, B, and C !

A.) Brian Jones triumphantly returns to the Stones after Mick Taylor quits.
B.) Brian Jones is the maitre d at Bill Wyman’s Sticky Fingers restaurant.
C.) Brian Jones plays Tori’s dad and Loni’s husband in so noTORIous.


A Day Late and a Dollar Short
marty sherman says goodby...

It’s a sad day, this day of Buck Owen’s death.

I remember the HEE HAW days well, the long-legged hillbilly chicks in cut-offs lounging around the porch while Buck grinned as Roy picked...or was it vice-versa?

Buck was a songwriter’s songwriter and wrote many a song which other songwriters wished they had written. Act Naturally leaps to mind.

I met Buck backstage at The Grand Ole Opry in the winter of 1968. He, Minnie Pearl and I did shots of Jack and laughed like there was no tomorrow.

His spirit will be truly missed.

Born in Sherman, TX (my family tree traces from Michigan through this tiny Texas town via the Cherokee tribe), brother Buck wrote his first hit when he was only seven years old. "I Saw Her A-Peein’" was featured in the young Buck’s second grade musical and was covered by a two-year old Pat Boone in 1936.

Buck went on to be a Country Superstar, wowing fans from Memphis to Moscow.

A.) Didn’t you just do a Buck Owens thing?
B.) Buck was the bomb, knowhatimsayin?
C.) All this fuss over a dead guy?



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