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March 31, 2006


Heady stuff from Marty Sherman

Earlier this month, a spacecraft on a joint US-European mission to the planet Saturn sent live pictures which support the theory that life may exist on Enceladus, one of the planet’s thirty-four named moons.

Geysers similar to those at Yellowstone Park were photographed erupting into the atmosphere, which led scientists to theorize that a pressurized layer of water fueled by a molten interior (much like on our planet, Earth) could produce an environment that would support the existence of microbial life.

According to my sources at the Miami Herald, South Florida real estate agent Manuel Diggis was recently contacted by Heat center, Shaquille O’Neal, who hoped to acquire property on "one of the moon’s oceans".

The only stipulation to the deal was that the All Star wouldn’t have to vacation next to property owned by Madonna or Kobe Bryant.

"They both get on my last nerve," said O’Neal.

A.) Astrology is a stone gas!
B.) My sister drives a Saturn and she loves it.
C.) There goes the neighborhood!


Madonna and Kobe get on my every last nerve too!
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