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March 28, 2006


bust your conk with marty sherman


Regular readers will know by now, that Pat Sajak and I go waaaaaay back. From now on, I’ll refer to my good friend and drinkin’ buddy as merely "Pat" or "Pat S." just to save some skin on these worked-to-the-bone digits of mine.

Good news in the "Bet Your Bottom Quatloo" Dept...

After striking out with the MAJOR majors on Friday, it looked like Pat and I were shit-out-of-luck in the game show biz. FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC and UPN expressed no interest in our Sci-Fi game show concept.

We had one more meeting with BET.

The drive across town in my Mini Cooper convertible was brutal as Pat pissed and moaned about the money.

"Listen, man, if you th’ow ‘nuff shit ‘gainst the wall, some of it bound to stick," I said while giving him a hearty laugh and a knowing wink. That got a smile out of Pat just as we slid into a parking spot at the end of the BET lot.

Long story short...they bought the concept...with a few changes, of course.

Let’s just say that BET inked a contract with SURE-JACK PRODUCTIONS (a cleverly twisted amalgam of mine and Pat’s last names...Get it? SUREman and SaJACK?...Jack wanted to call it SAY-MAN, but we voted amongst family and he lost) to produce eight episodes of the series "Clockin’ Dolluhs".

Loosely based on "Bet Your Bottom Quatloo," "...Dolluhs" will be the first combination game show / reality show and, instead of Sci-Fi trivia questions, it will feature questions about music and entertainment in general with a focus on Hip-Hop and Rap.

Contestants will live together for a month while answering trivia questions at all hours of the day or night. Each will be removed from the running by a combination of test scores and audience voting until one is left standing to "clock" all the "dolluhs!".

A flurry of phone calls produced scheduled appearances by G-Unit, Kanye West, Obie Trice, Digital Underground and Gwen Stefani, among others.

Pat and I get Co-Producer credits.

Look for our newest project: A website with all the jokes of the Western World catalogued for easy access. JOKE-A-HOLIC.COM will feature every joke ever told in the English language separated into categories and cross-referenced by the name of the comedian who first performed and/or wrote the joke.

Coming soon to an Internet near you.

A.) Hey, can I get a book of them jokes?
B.) 106 and PARK is my favorite show. Will you be on there?
C.) Would SOMEBODY tell me what a QUATLOO is?!


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