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March 21, 2006


."Oh well, whatever, nevermind..."

He's Plastic! He's Fantastic!

Kurt Cobain is yours forever!!

Still looks cool as fuck even though he’s dead and only back on earth as an action figure small enough to fit under your pillow.

Drugs and shotgun not included.

We don’t know the cost but he's on shelves in late June.

Here’s the place to get the dope you need.

A.) Kurt was the last real deal.
B.) Suicide. What a dumb ass.
C.) Courtney Love should star on The Apprentice.


Bust Your Conk!
.............with Marty Sherman

It's funny you would mention the Star Wars TV show.

I'm on my way to meet my buddy, Pat Sajak for lunch at Twingo's West in Venice Beach. We're pitching a new game show idea next week to all the majors...NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, BET...It's an all-Sci-Fi trivia game called Bet Your Bottom Quatloo.

It pits nerd vs. nerd in a fast-paced competition that not only requires in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the Sci-Fi genre (from comic books to fantasy role playing games to movies and tv), but amazing eye - hand coordination as well. I can't give away too much, but rest assured you'll laugh your ass off.

A.) Just what the world needs...another freaking game show.
B.) Call me a nerd, but it sounds like fun. Live long and prosper.
C.) I don't get it. What's a Quatloo?


a quatloo is the currency of the disembodied brains that use humans for their own amusement you stupid cocksucker!!!
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